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Our cookies and their usage

On Savvity we use two so called session cookies. One of them disappears when you close your browser window and the other is stored permanently if you tick the "Remember me" checkbox when you log in.

Ads from third party companies are shown on our website when you visit it. These companies can use information (name, address, email address and phone number excluded) about your visits on this and other websites to show ads for goods and services that you may be interested in. If you want more information about this and how you can prevent this information from being used by these companies follow this link.

How to avoid cookies

If you don't want to accept cookies you can set your web browser to automatically stop storing of cookies or ask permission to store cookies every time. Previously stored cookies can be deleted through the web browser. Read more in your web browser user guide.

If you do not allow your web browser to use cookies some of Savvity's functionality will not work.

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