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If there is anything you want to know about running a Savvity community, ask your questions at Savvity support community or email us.

Savvity - The Interest Network

Savvity offers a platform for people who want to grab the initiative and create a community focusing on something they are passionate about. People who enjoy the feeling when others join in creating content and taking care of the place.

So why did we create Savvity? Because we want to explore topics we are passionate about and spend time doing interesting things. And we want to get to know others who share our interests.

Exploring your interests is an experience that should be shared with others. Why? Because people working towards common goals reach further.

Launching Savvity is the start of a journey. We don’t know what Savvity will be in the future. In fact, you probably know better than us what tomorrow holds in this regard. Let´s find out!

We have been building communities since the late nineties and we are set to make Savvity the best place to share your interests. We hope you feel this is the right place for you to start your community.

Stockholm, February 9th 2017