Savvity Network

Savvity - The Interest Network

Savvity is a network of communities. Each is focused on a specific topic. Usually the topic is an interest or a hobby.

The technological platform that Savvity is built upon has been used and developed since 2005. There are currently several hundred communities and millions of people use it every month.

Anyone can start a community in the Savvity network and it is completely free to users. Maintenance and development is financed by ads.

To start your own community, follow the "Start a community" link at the top of the page or use this link:

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You might wonder where the name Savvity comes from. "Savvy" means intelligent, clever, knowledgeable, smart, streetwise. With "savvity" we have created a new noun that means knowledge, intelligence, wisdom. We think it is a good name for an interest network where you share what you know on different topics.

A community about tea will be Tea Savvity, meaning tea knowledge, tea wisdom, etc.