2017-02-22 10:37 #0 by: Niklas

I looked at the statistics for most visited topics on Savvity. Below are headlines of some of the most read discussions these first weeks:

  • “When do you add milk to your tea?”

  • “Is a mouse the right pet for you?”

  • “Free photos”

  • “What is The Sims?”

  • “Mouse or rat?”

  • “How to easily fold a t-shirt in 10 seconds”

  • “Use potato chips to light fire in an emergency”

  • “Try to look at it in a positive way”

I think this is interesting. Questions, instructions or advice and something that is free makes people read.

If you want to have many visitors and readers, use this knowledge to your advantage and make your headlines helpful.

So, to sum it up, if you want many visitors and readers, follow my advice:

  • Ask questions
  • Give instructions or advice
  • (Write about things that are free)