Savvity User Agreement

These terms and conditions are effective as of 9 February 2017.

1. Introduction

The website, (“Savvity”) offers, through membership, the possibility to take part of the membership services that are offered by Savvity at the conditions stated in this agreement. The person that wants to become a member of Savvity shall provide the information that Savvity requests in connection with the membership registration. An accepted membership provides the user (“User”) with a username and password.

This agreement states the conditions for use of the services at Savvity for which access is limited through username and password. The services are accessible for everyone that accepts the conditions applicable for the specific services. This agreement will be entered into with the User through its completion of the membership registration.

2. Use of services

The services shall only be used for private use. The services shall not be used for professional activities or to distribute advertisement for own or other persons professional operations.

3. Username and password

In order to use the services, the User must register him/herself as a member at Savvity. The registration shall be made through a specific registration form. The User can choose a username freely among usernames not previously registered at Savvity.

The username cannot be identical or aimed at being confused with any official Savvity addresses, trademarks, company names, family names pseudonyms or artist names or other protected names, without explicit consent from the holder of the rights. The username cannot be offensive or contain any e-mail address or domain name with the purpose to market another site on the Internet. Savvity withhold itself the right to decline or remove usernames that can, in Savvity’s own view, be viewed as inappropriate or offensive.

Access to the services is protected with a password. The password is chosen by the User when registering the membership and it can be changed afterwards. The password shall be treated as confidential. If the User has reason to believe that the password could have been known to others, the User is obliged to change the password without undue delay.

The e-mail address which is provided by the User as part of the membership registration shall be valid and belong to the User. The User is responsible for keeping a valid e-mail address registered.

4. Usage of Savvity

The User is responsible for that the services are used according to the conditions applicable for the specific service and for all material that he/she stores, send or in any other way makes accessible via Savvity.

The User cannot make information that goes against (i) Savvity Rules of Conduct, (ii) this agreement or (iii) Swedish or other applicable laws and regulations available to anyone. Specifically, this means that the information cannot be offensive or discredit a person, be defamatory, express hatred or contempt, be depraved, have pornographic content or contribute to the spreading of computer viruses.

Copying or publicising copyright protected material (i.e. texts, pictures, movies and other) is forbidden. The only exception which exists is if the member is the author to the material or if the author has given his/her explicit permission.

The User shall not use Savvity’s services to offer or request sexual services against payment, lodging or other type of compensation, pass on information about or market commercial services, pyramid games or other business which is not compatible with the character of the services.

Savvity has, in the event of suspicion about a breach against the conditions in this agreement or Swedish and other applicable laws and regulations the right to screen all content that the User communicates or publicises. Savvity has the right to immediately, fully or partly, remove or pass on content that goes against these conditions.

The User is responsible for that someone not authorised does not use the services through the User’s own equipment or system. The User is responsible for securing that messages are not lost.

Savvity uses cookies. The User is responsible for keeping him/herself updated about this through the information page which can be reached through a link at the bottom of each page on the site, as well as hereinafter:

5. Savvity’s responsibilities and limitations in its responsibilities

Savvity is not responsible for the User’s or others usage of the services and for information that the User or other person registers, receives, saves, sends or makes available through other means than what is allowed under Swedish and other applicable laws and regulations.

Savvity is not responsible for any unauthorised access to, loss and/or destruction of data and/or stoppage in the information flow, caused by the User’s or third party’s act or failure to act, or as a result of technical malfunction.

Savvity does not proofread or carry out any form of censure of the information that is made accessible through the services. Savvity reserves its rights to without any prior notice remove or change information which it has been made aware of that is in breach of Swedish and other applicable laws and regulations, the conditions of use for the specific service or that can be the basis for responsibility or criticism towards Savvity.

Unless otherwise explicitly expressed in this agreement, Savvity holds no responsibility for material that is published on Savvity or for the products and services which are being offered via Savvity or through its services. Savvity has furthermore no responsibility for material that is published on Savvity or for the products and services which are being offered on other web pages or web pages that Savvity has made connecting links to.

The User cannot hold Savvity responsible for loss or damage that has been caused as a result of the User’s use of the services.

Any fees that have been paid for Savvity’s services which are to be obtained at a cost will not be reimbursed. This applies independently if the User chose to terminate the membership him/herself or if it is done by Savvity after breach of agreement or Savvity Rules of Conduct.

6. Treatment of personal data

Savvity’s treatment of personal data is done in accordance with what is stated in Personuppgiftslagen (SFS 1998:204) and Lagen om elektronisk kommunikation (SFS 2003:389). Savvity AB, 559100-6282 is responsible for the customer information which is treated by the web service Savvity provides for. Any possible errors can be notified to Savvity through the e-mail address made accessible on the website.

Savvity treats information about the User’s membership in Savvity and the User’s usage of the services though automatic data treatment. Such treatment is necessary to, among other, administer the membership at Savvity and to offer the services in the intended manner. The User hereby gives his/her consent that such data treatment is done by Savvity.

The User gives his/her consent that Savvity uses the information that the User has registered in the user registration system to target marketing to the User via current and future digital distribution channels and to identify addressees based on statistical user profile groups.

7. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights and technical solutions linked to the offering provided by the membership in Savvity and the services are Savvity’s property, alternatively through property belonging to a third party with whom Savvity cooperates and has permission to use, and cannot be used by the User moreover than what is required for the usage of the service according to the applicable terms.

8. Confidentiality and other

Savvity shall not share and it shall prevent that other have access to information about the User that Savvity has access to. This does however not apply if Savvity with support of law or this agreement has the right or obligation to give such information about the User to other. An example of such right is the treatment of personal data for marketing purposes as set out in section 6 of this agreement.

9. Amendments and termination

The User can at any time terminate the agreement by terminating its membership at Savvity. The agreement is personal and cannot be transferred by the User to other.

After termination of the agreement, Savvity can delete the data that the User has stored. Savvity is however under any obligation to delete such data.

Savvity has the right, with reasonable notice or as per applicable legal requirements to (i) change the agreements, and (ii) change or terminate the services, the routines for registration, technical specification and functions of the services. The User has an obligation to keep him/herself informed of changes in this agreement.

If the User has not logged in at Savvity within the last thee (3) months, Savvity has the right to terminate the User’s access to the services and delete stored information.

Savvity has the right to terminate the agreement if the User has not fulfilled its obligations. Such termination can be made without any notice if there is a material breach by the User. Savvity has the right to transfer the agreements, in their entirety or partly, to others.

Upon termination of the membership by either party, Savvity has the right to continue to use material that has been stored on Savvity’s servers by the member. Such material includes, but is not limited to, texts, pictures, sounds and movie files. In this context, to use means to store and to make the material available to other users and members.

10. Governing law and dispute resolution

This agreement is governed by Swedish law. Any disagreement about interpretation or implementation of this agreement shall be solved through negotiations. If the parties cannot come to a mutually satisfactory solution through negotiations, the courts of Sweden shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter.